Alexis Texas and Sandy Take Their Time



Alexis Texas and Sandy will have you screaming ''just get on with it!'' by the time you've soaked in these 156 photos. Not that this is a tease session... oh hell no. No way can I be naked next to Sandy for 156 photos without getting my tongue and lips wet inside her pussy! But this set is all about the light touches, the seductive and sensual stuff... trust me, tongues feel really good dragging over your pussy excruciatingly slowly!

Starring: Sandy, Alexis Texas

Pictures: 156

Alexis Texas - Hottest Part of the Summer



Alexis Texas is here to welcome you to the hottest part of summer. And I don't mean late August! No, the hottest part of summer is my backyard, when I'm feeling horny and running around in lingerie! Today, you get 114 photos of your favorite blonde pornstar, baring it all and blowing you kisses. I'm so busy flirting with the camera, it takes me a while to finally get out of my clothes… But either way, I'll bet you like what you see!

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 114

Alexis Texas Swallows Him Down



I'm Alexis Texas, and I want it. I want it in my mouth, I want it in my hand... and in these 61 photos, a pornstar gets what a pornstar wants. And once Alexis Texas gets a dick in her mouth, everybody knows, the guy isn't going anywhere for a while. I let him back and ride him like a rodeo, while the camera gets nice and close. And that's not all... I leave him nice and clean, when I swallow ATM!

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 61