Alexis Texas All Tits and Ass



Alexis Texas fans, get ready to spank my ass... Or at least, spank it TO my ass! For the first half of these 51 photos, you'll be staring at your favorite pornstar booty, while I bend over and make sure you want it. Then we zoom out, and and I pull my natural tits free, in case any of you want to fantasize about dumping your hot load right there. Just thinking about it makes me feel that hot trickle down my tummy!

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 51

Alexis Texas Swallows After Sweaty Sex



Alexis Texas here! This set of 63 photos starts with me bent over and getting drilled by Erik Everhard - just the way I like a scene to begin! Right to the sex! He pushes all the way inside and buries his cock so deep in my pussy, I almost wanted to scream... but it sure felt good! He lets me ride him a while, then when we're both exhausted from fucking, I let him cum in my mouth, and swallow it!

Starring: Alexis Texas, Erik Everhard

Pictures: 63

Alexis Texas Stripping By the Pool



Alexis Texas fans, follow me out to the pool, there's something I want to show you! Do you like my bikini? It fits really well, don't you think? It's nice and low cut... nothing I'd be afraid of getting arrested in, mind you, but it definitely begs horny eyeballs to stare! And if the bikini doesn't make you look, maybe if I take it off, bend over, and stare at you a while, you'll get the hint!

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 56